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Device link also works on an additional level - if you have your TV hooked up to a smart speaker system and you ask it to turn your TV and switch to your PS4 input channel, this will turn your PS4 on automatically. You can connect directly to the PS4 or via your wireless network if you are too far away from the console itself.Make sure that 'enable turning on PS4 from network' is selected in your power save settings and you'll be able to turn on the PS4 remotely from the Vita.

There are a few visual and power differences between the standard PS4, , but all of our tips and tricks here should apply to you all equally.

It's a pretty nifty little feature, but is still not widely known about as not all TVs support it and it requires a bit of fiddling in Settings menus.

Officially called HDMI CEC, pretty much every manufacturer (helpfully) has a different name for it. Most will support the feature, which essentially tethers your TV and PS4 together and slaves actions such as powering on between both devices.

If you're a Pro owner don't be fooled, there are some snake-oil peddlers out there that will tell you there are 'special' 4K HDMI cables.

means you can plug your own headphones or headset directly into the controller.

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To do this, ensure HDMI CEC is enabled on your TV (Google '*your TV* HDMI CEC' if it's not immediately obvious), then go to the Settings menu on your PS4, select 'System' then check the box for 'Enable HDMI Device Link'. Your TV and PS4 will both turn on with a simple press of the PS button.

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