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In a non-synchronous gap, the discharge could occur anywhere within the cycle.

Buzzer were sometimes used to supply the voltage to an induction coil in early spark coil sets, since they had a higher "tone" than what some other interrupters could produce.

However, James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879), Professor of Experimental Physics at Cambridge then came up with something entirely new.

By some elegant mathematics he had shown the probable existence of electromagnetic waves of radiation.

His transatlantic triumph came on the 12th December 1901 when the morse letter 'S' was transmitted from Poldhu, in Cornwall and received by Marconi himself at St.

John's, Newfoundland, who recorded the historic event in his pocket book simply "Sigs at 12.20, 1.10 & 2.20".

By adding a resonant circuit to the arc it would oscillate at a frequency determined by the LC constants.

Duddell's arc would only oscillate at audio frequencies, audible to human hearing, and it was dubbed the "singing arc."In 1902 Valdemar Poulsen, succeeded in making the arc oscillate at the higher frequencies by using electrodes operating in a sealed chamber, with hydrocarbon vapor, and a strong magnetic field.

Oliver Heaviside predicted that there was an conducting layer in the atmosphere which allowed radio waves to follow the Earth's curvature.

A synchronous rotary had the spark electrodes mounted on the shaft of the motor generator which feeds a HV step up transformer.

In this way, the spark would discharge the capacitor synchronously with the peak in the AC waveform.

Persian Army employs a relay system where soldiers positioned on hilltops shout and relay military messages 30 times faster than by runner.

Accounts of flags, mirrors and smoke signals appear in early history. By 1837 the system is improved and was demonstrated using 'lightning wires' and 'Morse code,' an electronic alphabet that could carry messages. A line was constructed between Baltimore and Washington and the first message, sent on May 24,1844, was 'What hath God wrought!

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Greek runner Pheidippides, Athenian courier is sent to Sparta to request help when the Persians landed at Marathon - runs 150 miles in two days. Early discoveries of Electricty and Magnetism can be found in the annals of history, names such as Gilbert, Von Guericke, Volta, Oersted, Wheatstone, Cooke, Faraday, Ampere, Ohm, Davy, all contribute to the ultimate development of wireless. Early Pioneers and Inventors include, Maxwell, Marconi, Loomis, Edison, Henry, Hertz, Feddersen, Von Bezold, Hughes, Stokes, Tesla, Henry, Bell, Preece, Hertz, Branly, Dodge, Braun, Lodge, and Popoff all lay the foundation of wireless Samuel F. ' the two coasts of the United States were linked by telegraph.

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