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As this was the first thing that I'd seen in respect to this customer, my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the icon, it opened and there were 10 files, each one had a date and the last one was dated 2 days ago.I clicked on this file and it opened with a list, there looked to be around 100 items listed, I noticed that they were picture files and so I clicked on view and changed list to thumbnails.The company was on the outskirts of town and so was easy to get to, there were about 10 employees, all of whom were old like Roger.

Andy loved the fact of me teasing these guys and was happy as long as I told him everything and in advance if I was ever going to go further.Without realising, my hand was in my knickers and I had 3 fingers up my gash as I looked at pic after pic of this women being fucked senseless.At times she had two cocks in her mouth and one up her cunt, one in every hole, every position you could think of, she had cum dripping off her face and tits, she was fucking loving it!Roger spent a lot of time out of the office and from what I understood, used to spend a couple of nights a week with a company or group called Lions, Lions I knew where a customer, but were handled only by Roger and I never saw anything from them.Roger was about 6 foot, slim with grey hair, even though he was in his 70's he looked ok, obviously he'd looked after himself.

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About a week later, Roger was out when the phone rang, I picked up the phone and a woman was on line, she asked for Roger, I said that he was out the office, she said that she was from the Lions and could I give a message to Roger to bring this weeks Lions file with him tonight, I said yes and hung up the phone.

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