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The compass only tilts forward and back so it must be rotated during this process; as a result, it is able to determine true inclination of the core sample.

Because the bubble is centred, the compass is level in both x and y.

The field trip concentrated on two small igneous plutons which were emplaced at around 530 million years ago, located in Chatham-Grenville and Mont Rigaud respectively.

Within each area, we took samples from several sites (up to ten) in order to obtain a wide spread of samples, with GPS locations taken at each of the sites as standard.

Therefore, the two of us, accompanied by Andy Biggin, immediately and figuratively set sails to Canada to kick-start the first phase of our projects. Henry Halls’ studies of the Franklin- and Grenville-Dykes, our journey’s first stop had to be his lab at University of Toronto!

While his studies focussed on determining the ancient field directions to gain knowledge about the palaeolocation of Laurentia, my research will deal mostly with palaeointensities of the Ediacaran period (635-541Ma).

First job is to make sure the spirit level bubble is centred.It was great to see the lovely skyline and the CN Tower (shown in the picture below) while every other person was dressed in blue, thanks to a home game of the Toronto Blue Jays.At this point we would like to express our gratitude to Henry Halls, Phil Mc Causland and Joe Hodych for their help and contributions to get us started in our projects.2) The rock sample must be precisely orientated in x y and z, so that we can reproduce the orientation of the rock in the laboratory.This orientated reference frame is crucial if we want to determine the direction of the ancient geomagnetic field.

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