Aquarius man dating sagittarius woman dating while getting sober

Wooing an Aquarius Woman The Aquarius Woman and Love Community Q&A Aquarius women are a paradox.Trying to figure this woman out is like trying to rope the wind.Sag is not looking for a sensitive, caregiver or homemaker.He's looking for a truly independent woman who can be his lover, friend, and companion.At the same time, curiously, you will also need the protection of your family, since you will be especially demanding and needy of affection and fondness.There is an inner struggle between your need for affection on one hand, and your zeal for freedom and independence on the other.There are a few things that are big turnoffs for a Sagittarian man.

He wants to see these same traits mirrored in the woman he loves. He understands the pleasures and sensual side of romantic love.

Few relationships are more rewarding than being in love with a Sagittarian.

This man has a gigantic heart that's big enough for the entire world.

He wants a woman who can wander the world and wonder about the world and life with him.

She'll also be a woman who shares his need for plenty of space and freedom and does not expect constant attention.

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