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@MSHLorraine @Oxford Mod Langs @Agence Recherche W6d ZFs Li #Grenoble #Recherche #Pollution Travaux menés dans le cadre du projet #MONOIL @Agence Recherche sur le monitoring environnemental & liens avec la santé, société & exploration pétrolière en #Équateur ac Gaëlle Uzu chercheuse @IGE_grenoble @OSUG_fr @ird_fr @UGrenoble Alpes @Cnrs Alpes… Martin PFURNER @uniinnsbruck for his « best research work of the year in the framework of French-Austrian collaborations » award !

@Agence Recherche KAPAMAT project #Robotics #kinematics @Labo LS2N @CNRS_dr17 @Centrale Nantes @Univ Nantes @IRTJules Verne [#Agroécologie] Après 4⃣ ans de #recherche multidisciplinaire, le projet @Agence Recherche TATA-BOX a permis la création d'une boîte à outils participative 👥pour la #transition agroécologique des territoires 👏fr/2BVPl Or #prospective J Le projet ANR "PICS" auquel @irstea HBAN HYDRO participe commence le 1er janvier :…

If you’re the owner of a property, we’ll help you get the most out of your investment by ensuring it’s maintained in high-quality condition and continuously occupied by reliable tenants.

And, I dont think that prophet or seer would be found in the resume of Seitz. I trying to reconstruct quotes I have gathered from over the years from various sources.

told me that I had contributed so it would remain there. contributed because they havent listened to anything I have said.

But, finally I threatened legal action against them and they.

#Éclairs #crowdfunding KH A new carrer opportunity at our research Centre PERSEE of @MINES_Paris Tech at Sophia Antipolis (France).

A leader in property-management in the Pocatello, ID area, ANR Properties, LLC is incredibly honored to work with property owners and tenants alike in this unique and charming community.

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Now, this (my own personal survey of scientists and literature) is what I used to help form my opinion on AWGl warming. Makes you wonder what will start happening if there is a lag effect such that we arent seeing all effects yet on our current environment. There has been intering research lately on halpenny golf cork southgate swimming pool timetable how increased CO2 leads to decreased crop yields, as well as hits on the productivity of fishing in acidified oceans.

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