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The group sat at a huge table, and Harmon and Sehorn were laughing and talking the whole time.

The two shared fish and comfort food with their friends.

Pounders stated that she killed her husband in an "exceptionally cruel and callous" way and that her guilt had been proved to "an absolute certainty...Angelina was arrested for murder in Paso Robles, California in February 2001.Three years after Frank's death, Angelina's murder trial began in the fall of 2003.She was suspected of poisoning Frank's tea with oleander leaves, loosening the gas cap on their clothes dryer, and finally adulterating her husband's Gatorade with antifreeze. His death was initially ruled undetermined, but the lack of a cause of death meant that Angelina could not get a death certificate or Frank's life insurance.She pushed for more testing, and those results showed that he had been intentionally poisoned.

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