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The boat carrying the infant washes up on the shore of the tiny Brazilian fishing village Arraial de Cabo.The baby, starving and barely alive, is taken in by a kind but poor Brazilian woman, Maria Luiza Vergara.Just my opinion, it could make your website a little bit more interesting.I decided (finally) I should make a timeline chronicling Curia's life so far.Curia promises to return the moment she is needed and to represent her people well.

The two become fast friends over the next week in the Big Apple, and one evening Denisa tells Diana the story of how she washed up on the shores of Brazil as an infant.As I continue writing stories, I will update the timeline, adding details as they come.If something doesn't add up, let me know and I'll remove it or change it.Queen Hippolyta greets Denisa upon her arrival with warmth and joy, and also informs Denisa that she is not sure who her birth mother was but that she was likely killed in the battle with the Lycans.It is Hippolyta herself that gives her the new name Curia, which means 'curious, full of wonder'; the Queen makes a comment that Curia reminds her very much of a younger Diana.2008-2009Curia trains on Themiscyra with the other Amazons, including the archer Chryseis, who becomes one of her closest friends.

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It becomes clear as she enters her teens that there is something different about her; her features are different and more striking than the rest of her female classmates, and she is stronger, faster, and more coordinated than any of her classmates, boys included.

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